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I love Basishabits game! I really enjoy picking my goals/ habits based on areas I choose to improve, not some general goal of reaching 10, 000 steps a day. As a fitness professional and mother of 2, my goals vary week-to-week.

Goals I’ve chosen:

  • Wear it- habit to wear the Basis Band more each day.
  • Get more sleep- as a mother of 2, this is a goal based on group effort ;)
  • Move it- I knew I would accomplish this goal merely chasing after my 2 kids.
  • Don’t be a sitter- I loved seeing how long I sit for at one time…not very long with all the demands of motherhood ;)
  • Morning lap- this is the habit that keeps me motivated to create time in the morning for my mommy hour of intense workouts, either weight-training, running, or Yoga.

I really…

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